At this moment, children are being subjected to illegal neglect and abuse in our nation’s Border Patrol facilities. These excerpts are from sworn testimony taken in June 2019.

Please read them. Then go here to find out what you can do to amplify the children’s voices, tell their stories, and elevate the truth.


We have received thousands of messages from all over the country asking us what can be done to end the abuse and neglect of children in US government custody. This is what you can do. Join this crowdsourced creative forward campaign to raise public awareness about the abuse and neglect of children at the hands of the US government and federal contractors. Our aim is to inform public opinion through engagement with the children’s stories in their own words so that the American people will call for ending the abuse and detention of immigrant children and insist that all children are kept with their families since decades of research show that family separation and detention are both very harmful to children. 

Project Amplify is a nonprofit corporation. Lawyer Moms Foundation is its fiscal sponsor. All donations to Project Amplify are tax-deductible. This campaign is run entirely by volunteers who receive no compensation for their services.