Here are the Children’s Declarations

Hundreds of sworn declarations have been filed from children (and parents on behalf of their children) in the class action lawsuit, Flores v. Barr. Flores is a class action lawsuit first brought in 1985 to end the mistreatment of immigrant children . Unfortunately, because of the continuing abuse and neglect of children in federal custody (some experts categorize it as torture), the case remains active to this day. 

Below are pdfs of declarations filed in the Flores case since 2017 detailing the abuses committed against these children by the US government and federal contractors. All of these declarations have been redacted to protect the privacy of the child. 

There is tremendous pain in these children’s stories and we ask that you gently embrace their stories with humility, openness, and respect, and find a way within your talents, gifts, and calling to share their words with the universe in the hope that the truth will ensure that these practices end so that these children will suffer no more. It might be a poem, a song, a sermon, a rally, a billboard. Only you will know. Please answer the call to amplify their voices and elevate the truth. 

January 2018 Flores Declarations - children

January 2018 Flores Declarations - adult

January 2018 Flores Declarations - professional and other

April 2018 Flores declarations - children

April 2018 - Flores declarations - adult

April 2018 Flores Declarations - professionals and other

July 2018 Flores declarations - children

July 2018 Flores declarations - adults

July 2018 Flores exhibits - professionals and other

June 2019 TRO declarations - children

June 2019 TRO declarations - professionals and other