Do you want to do something to help the children at the border? Here’s your chance.

Here are the children’s stories, in their own words. Powerful forces are trying to silence these children, to erase their existence, their experiences, their identities. We must not let them. These stories and their undeniable truth have the power to change the course of history.

Amplify the children’s voices.

Tell their stories.

Elevate the truth.

How? Any way you choose as long as it is respectful of these children and the stories they have entrusted to us.

Here are some ideas:

  • Organize readings of the children’s stories at public events (arts, community, rallies, etc.)

  • Produce a theatrical performance based on the children’s stories or integrating their words into the script

  • Rent a billboard and place a children’s quote describing their abuse

  • Recording yourself reading quotes from the declarations and post on social media

  • Create an art installation conveying the children’s quotes and experiences (go here to see an example, “Uncaged Art: Tornillo Children’s Detention Camp,” at the University of Texas at El Paso’s Centennial Museum)

  • Make quote cards and share on your platforms.

  • Shine the children’s quotes on high profile locations

  • Write op-eds that quote the children and tell their stories

  • Call in to radio shows and quote from the children’s declarations

  • Produce videos, movies, documentaries that include these children’s quotes and tell their stories

  • Ask celebrities and other public figures and influencers you know to read excerpts from the children’s declarations and post them on social media and/or at high profile events

  • Take out newspaper ads with excerpts from the declarations

  • Sponsor TV commercials with quotes from the declarations

  • Publish “small books” (published within weeks) comprised largely of excerpts from the children’s declarations

Here is all we ask:

  1. Embrace these children’s stories with gentleness and kindness and convey them with the respect and dignity that each of these children deserve.

  2. If you generate any profit from your activity, please promise that you will donate the profit to one of the reputable nonprofit agencies working tirelessly to helping these children and their families. A recommended list is below, but there are many others.

  3. Tell us what you are doing, when, and where, so that we can promote it on our website so that at the very least, these children and their families will always know that as soon as the American public found out what was being done to them, good and decent people like you publicly stood up and spoke truth to power in an effort to end the torture, abuse, neglect of children by the US government and to change the course of history. Please share your work on social media and tag #ProjectAmplify so we can share it to reach an even larger audience.